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Based in Seattle, WA. Aardvark Partners was born out of curiosity. In early 2014, our founder found himself in a predicament. Rent his condo full-time and become traditional landlord, or give the Airbnb type rental a try. He opted for the Airbnb experiment.

Our founder began looking for a short-term-rental company that could setup the property, treat guests the way he’d like to be treated, deposit money in his account, provide a transparent service and guarantee the loft would not get ruined…Simple enough right?

He quickly discovered the type of hands-off, affordable, white glove-service did not exist, at least not in the way he had envisioned.

Our founder left the corporate world and set out to create and bring to market the service he wished he could have had found when it was needed. Our mission remains true to our origin. We provide a guest centric experience while making the process seamless for the owner.


5305 Shilshole Ave Seattle
WA, 98107

P. 206.428.3285
E. info@aardvark.partners